JT Thompson, Minister of Propaganda


JT is a very proud native of North Carolina.  How he ended up in frosty New Hampshire is a tale best saved for a few pints.  JT came to Smutty from our sister brewpub, the Portsmouth Brewery, after having worked previously at two breweries in Pennsylvania, in addition to a stint as a graduate student in Library Science.  He is an American Brewers' Guild graduate.  After four and an half years of production brewing at Smuttynose, JT became Smuttynose’s first Minister of Propaganda.  This is his first desk job since 2002.  His responsibilities include, writing our newsletter, managing our Facebook/Twitter feed, creating content for Smuttynose TV and Portsmouth Brewery TV, among other communicative tasks.

JT has many interests but none greater than UNC basketball.  He also is an avid music listener, novice home repairer, infrequent cook of Southern cuisine, and sometimes visitor to art museums.  JT has been volunteering for NERAX (New England Real Ale Exposition) since 2007.  When he's not having a beer, you can find JT with tea or bourbon; independently of each other of course.  He also loves a good dirty joke.

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